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Coastal Shipping To and From All Australian Ports

As an island nation with more than 80% of its population and businesses within 50km of the coast, it makes sense to utilise the incredible oceans and seas that surround Australia. GTL provides domestic sea freight services to and from all Australian ports and seamless integration with road and rail transportation for distribution.

Coastal shipping is the most eco-friendly way to transport containers around Australia; it's far cheaper than road or rail and the right solution will save you on warehousing costs. As an experienced logistics company, GTL specialises in designing supply chain solutions that include coastal shipping, road and rail distribution for all domestic cargo. Our coastal shipping options are tailored to be efficient and cost-effective while never compromising on delivery schedules.

Streamline Your Business.
Reduce Freight Costs.
Reduce Emissions.

Our massive global network also includes a multitude of industry partners in major cities Australia-wide. Our well-respected relationships with carriers and domestic shipping companies enable us to offer reduced shipping rates and peace of mind that your goods will be in safe hands. We can arrange the transportation of your cargo to and from the east coast of Australia to Perth and Tasmania. We offer both FCL and LCL service options with full visibility and reporting on all shipments.

If you need help or advice on coastal shipping, contact us on 02 9554 8807 to discuss your needs.

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